Timothy T. Schwartz, Ph.D. – Anthropologist in Haiti

Schwartz Research Group serves to promote the research of Timothy Schwartz and his colleagues from the Haiti research entity “Socio-Digital Research Group” (Socio-Dig). Our aspiration is for a better, healthier and more developed Haiti. Something we believe can in great part be achieved through sound and truthful research.

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The Great Haiti Humanitarian Aid Swindle is the inside story of how some of the world’s most respected humanitarian aid agencies have deceived and manipulated the overseas public regarding what is really happening in Haiti. Sometimes they’ve done it knowingly, sometimes through self-delusion, but always with the goal of collecting money from sympathetic donors and always by ignoring or burying data that would contradict their fantastic claims. Their greatest ally has been the mainstream press. Learn more

I recommend to anyone who has an interest in helping the Haitian people that they read Timothy Schwartz's book Travesty in Haiti. Sean Penn on the Charlie Rose Show

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